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What is the Use of Google Competitive Ad Filter

You might have seen the Competitive Ad Filter option under AdSense setup menu. Have you used it? It can be used to block those websites which pays very less for a click. Therefore, you can block those website using Competitive Ad Filter so that those website will never shown by Google to your Google Advertisements. By this, if you will block all those low paying website from your Google website then you can increase the earning of Google AdSense.



Also, It can be used to block those website which you do not want that your visitors and website users should visit. Simply write url of each website on that box provided under Competitive Ad Filter section and save it. After some minutes, those websites will be blocked and never shown on your website containing your Google ads.


So, if you are blocking those websites then it will never is shown on your Google ads, means Google will fill that space with other advertisements and from those advertisements and your Google AdSense earning will keep increasing day by day depending on the traffic you receive on your website. I am sure that each day your website traffic will keep increasing if you are serious and posting articles on daily basis.



If you are very serious about your Google AdSense earning then keep updating your website and follow this Google Competitive ad filter Concept to increase your AdSense per click value and overall increase in your Google AdSense earning from your website.

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