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Top Paying AdSense Keywords to Transform Your Publisher Income

If you are reading this you are probably looking for the top paying AdSense keywords to use either as main topics for your website or for individual pages on your site. When you are looking for the highest paying AdSense keywords, the first thing you need to do is choose a Niche where there is demand from advertisers.

Why Should I Choose A High Paying Niche?
You should choose a niche that has a decent level of advertiser competition and a higher than average ad cost. By taking this first initial step, you have a main topic you can build a site around and populate it with the top paying AdSense keywords on the pages of your site.

top paying adsense keywords

What About Competition?
At this stage don’t worry too much about competition. I know you are going to be worried about going up against high competition but there are still ways of taking a slice of the pie in a hugely competitive market. You are better off taking a very small part of the action in a busy market than dominating a market where the advertisers only pay out a few cents a click.


What To Do Once You Have Found Your Niche
Once you have decided on a good niche, you will need to do keyword research to find the top paying AdSense keywords you can use to build pages for your site. Now at this point I would recommend you don’t go out and find keywords with millions of results in the Google search engine. No, what you want to do is target low competition keywords with search volume for those terms so you stack the odds in your favor of being able to rank for those keywords and get organic search engine traffic to your website.

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