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Adsense Secrets: Attracting More Clicks on Your Adsense Ads

Adsense Secrets. More CTR (Click Thru Ratio) means more clicks on your Google Ads. But, is CTR all about position and colors of your ads? No! It’s a lot more than that. CTR also depends upon the quality of traffic, relevancy of ads, and even the subject of your website. Let’s get in detail.


Do you own a High CTR website?
Yes! CTR varies from Industry to industry too. It depends upon the keywords you are using to make your web page. It has been observed that more technical the topic is (but not necessarily) less CTR it will give you (for example Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Network – exceptions are always there), but still works if the Ad content is well written (this is the most important part of Adsense Secrets).

However, this is only one condition; there are many undiscovered conditions that affect the CTR of keywords. At times, a particular season also has an effect on the performance of keywords. For example family of ‘Turkey recipe’ keyword is more active around November and December only and a quite sluggish rest of the year. It becomes really necessary to study the behavior of keywords before starting a massive website of AdSense around a topic.

Adsense secrets

Your Ads position and color: Old but very effective
Google heat map helps improve the CTR (Clicks Thru Ratio) of your website by suggesting you the most converting areas for your AdSense Ads. You can have a glance at the Google’s Survey that illustrates the ideal placements of ads on your web page.
The above link talks a lot about position and color. I would like to leave this here and concentrate on other points.


Get targeted traffic – Most essential part
Traffic that is interested in your content (also called targeted traffic) is interested in your ads too. Thus, there is every likelihood that your ads will be clicked more frequently. Targeted traffic means more CTR, more earnings, and enhanced ad convertibility. On the other hand, the untargeted visitors are not interested either in your content or your ads, so keep your website’s traffic targeted.
You can gather highly targeted traffic for your website by web promotion strategy and effective optimization of your web page structure. Effective web promotion strategy requires an appropriate Anchor text and more back links from relevant websites. And, to develop an effective web page structure, you have to optimize your Title Text, internal linking of your website, and most importantly your web content, in the best possible manner.

Choose the Right Anchor Text for Back Link Campaigns
Choosing the right anchor text for back links promotes your website to the traffic you exactly need from the search engines. Choose the Anchor text that directly speaks to your visitors and pulls the traffic that your web page requires. Targeted traffic results in increased CTR of ads.


Help Google detect theme of your webpage
There are many on-page and off-page elements that affect your ad relevancy. Better targeted ads increase both your CTR and EPC. Use keywords in your Meta tags, Title text and inject them in the first and last paragraph of your content. Also, wherever possible, divide your article in headings and sub headings ( H1 and H2 ). After Title text, here is another chance for you to dictate keywords to Google Mediabot.


Boost Relevancy Artificially – Use Google’s Section Targeting
Now, you can enhance Ad relevancy by using Google’s Section targeting. Using this technique you can advise Google mediabot about the areas of your content which should be considered or ignored while matching the Ads with your content.
For more information on the same topic, visit:


Block Junk Websites and Competitor Websites from Showing Ads
There are many junk websites that might be displaying ads on your website. These websites steal the traffic from your website and recycle it on their own AdSense ad blocks. Recognize such websites and stick them in AdSense Competitive Ad filter. Also, you can block your competitor websites using this competitive filter.

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